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It's been a long time in the plans, and many followers have been asking for a few years now... but I can finally announce that I will be playing at the Viva Las Vegas Rockabilly Festival in April 2025!

This is a festival I've wanted to play for a VERY long time, but not being in the "rocking" scene makes it slightly difficult to get noticed by people within that scene and be taken seriously. But I'm very happy that Reverend Martini, who is a mutual friend with many of my SoCal musician friends, has taken note and has invited me to play her Jumpin' All Night Showcase! I, of course, have arranged to bring some heavy hitters to play the show with me... Chris Smith (The Mike Eldred Trio, Eric Sardinas) will be playing Bass, we've worked together many times in California and have recorded many songs since 2020 (including the Swing Thing! video/song release) and one of my all time favourite drummers, Brian Fahey (The Paladins, The Mike Eldred Trio to name a few) will be joining me on Drums! Myself and Brian have recorded and toured together since March 2023 and have so much more coming up together... as soon as this booking came in, I went straight to him to secure him for the show!

I'll be pulling out more of my "Bluesabilly" sound for the show, including my latest release "10-31" (see below for the music video)... I also have plans to put together a new trio album ready for Viva... what do you think?


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