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Burn Out

This is the second studio album from Ruzz Guitar's Blues Revue! This time with a few special guests including the fantastic Pete Gage (of Dr Feelgood, The Pete Gage Band)! 

This album has taken what the band did with the previous album and kicked it up a gear! With the addition of a horn section and a mixed line up of originals and a couple of covers, this album shows what the band is really about! 

It seamlessly flows between many genres associated with the Blues.... Starting with the title track "Burn Out", a Surf style instrumental, it then takes a dip into a more Motown/Soul feel with "Movin' On" then carries on with the grooving Blues with Under Your Spell. After a couple of slower tracks including the classic instrumental "Sleepwalk", it starts to rev things up with a traditional Blues shuffle, moving into the Rock'n'Roll side to eventually come to an in your face, Country chicken picking instrumental called "Dirt Track". Then a more acoustic feeling, jump Blues song to end the CD. Taking you on a journey through the many sounds that Blues has helped create! 

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